Deep roots in our city, a vision for the future.

Raised in a family that has lived for 90 years on Langford Lake, I want to help open up city hall, create homes for all, build up our local economy and protect our rich natural environment for future generations.

Join me in shaping our community’s future. 

Vote for Scott Goodmanson on October 15th.


City Accountability

I’ve heard my neighbours' stories of calling city hall for help and never getting an answer. Of speaking up in public hearings and simply being ignored or shouted down. Much of what our current council does lacks community input and isn’t transparent. I’ll open up Langford city hall and make it responsive to its citizens. We need residents to be continually engaged with city hall, otherwise we won’t know their concerns and desires.

Housing Crisis

As a renter, I know the housing crisis first-hand. We can focus on addressing housing affordability, using successful strategies from other cities around the world. We can’t keep using the same playbook that the current mayor has used for 30 years – times have changed, and we need to change, too.


As a small-business owner, I know the importance of a thriving local economy. We need to encourage a diverse, sustainable economic base in our city.


I believe in the long-term success of our city – not just now, but for our kids and grand-kids in Langford. That means actually including the environment and climate action into the work of city hall in a meaningful way, which is a net positive for the city.


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